Mobile Nebula

Welcome to our serene space! In a world of constant screens and swipes, sometimes what we really need is a human touch. But what if you're constantly on the go? Enter Mobile Nebula, bringing a healing touch to your doorstep, hotel room, or campsite. Let the adventure continue, and the relaxation begin.

Step into a world of relaxation with us. Let our soft hands knead your muscles into a state of pure bliss with a full body massage. Elevate your experience further with our soft touch therapy, where gentle strokes will soothe your soul. Book with us today and embark on a journey of relaxation and rejuvenation through the cosmos. Your body deserves it!


~Full Body Massage~
  • 30mins: 40$
  • 60mins: 70$
  • 90mins: 110$
  • Four Handed Massage: 140$ per hour
  • Scratch Therapy: 50$ per half hour
  • Soft Touch Therapy: 50$/30mins | 80$/60mins
  • Ashiatsu Massage: 95$ per hour

    We service all of Hamilton & surrounding cities!
    A travel fee is required.
    These services are mobile only, we do not have a location.
    Our hours vary from day to day.
    Same day bookings will incur a fee so book in advanced! :)
  • Mobile Massage

    While we service you at whatever location you can host at, we also offer our van massage services for those who don't have a place. There are a few guidelines that must be met in order to qualify for our van services, however.

    You must NOT!
  • Be overweight.
  • Above 6 feet tall.
  • Emit strong odors, such as body odor, perfumes, cologne or aftershave.

    The only extra fee for our van services is if the van must remain on for the massage, in which case there is a running fee required.

    The fees are as follows...
  • 30mins: 20$
  • 60mins: 40$
  • 90mins: 60$

    Plus any travel fees in order to get to the location.
  • FAQ

    Got a question? It might already be answered here!

    Are there any preparations I need to make before my appointment?
    Depending on what you've requested then there are a few things you should do before our arrival. First and foremost, please ensure that you've at least lightly bathed. If you don't require our massage table then please have your setup complete before we get there, towels ready, sheet placed down, etc.
    For our Soft Touch Therapy sessions please have any tools ready that you'd like for us to use on you. We do not provide any due to hygienic purposes and encourage our clients to bring their own.

    Can I extend the session?
    If we have time then we may allow it, but if we have another client to attend to then the answer is sadly no.

    How do same day bookings work?
    Same day bookings may impede on our lives and so the fee will heavily depend on whats going on already, time of day and if I have to pickup an associate or get my massage table. If you're willing to pay extra for our time then we will gladly attend to you! On that note, fees will be anywhere from 10$ to 100$. We otherwise do not do same day bookings!

    What if I have a health condition?
    Depending on the nature of the condition it may be safe to proceed, but please speak with your Dr or Naturopath first to see if its safe. We will ask you any questions before your appointment.

    What is the Six Handed Massage?
    This massage can only be done on our massage table. One person will stand at the head of the table while massaging your head, ears, neck and hair. Meanwhile another person will massage your lower body, while the other person will massage your upper body. There must be enough room for this kind of option or we cannot accommodate you, our apologies.

    What is Ashiatsu?
    Ah-Shi-Atsu is a Japanese word that means "foot pressure". Basically it is a massage being given by our feet rather than our hands. The technique is better described as a slow gliding over your muscle tissue. You can expect long flowing strokes along the muscle fibers following the entire length of the muscle.

    What is Scratch Therapy?
    Scratch Therapy is light scratching all over your body, harder scratching may be applied if you so wish. Scratch Therapy will benefit those who enjoy being touched and scratched! It helps to calm the mind, open up your senses and ease tension.

    What is Soft Touch Therapy?
    Our version of Soft Touch Therapy is light touching all over the body with our hands and we may use our nails from time to time. We also incorporate brushing of the hair, soft brushing where desired and if you have your own hard bristle brush then we will dry brush you after or before whichever you'd prefer. Going in the direction of your heart, and circles to promote blood flow. This is great for people who are touch deprived or really enjoy being lightly touched all over. Helps to lower stress levels and make you sleep better!

    Contact Us

    If you're ready to book with us, then reach out via text or calling!
    We also accept emails, though we prefer phone calls.
    Thank you & have a great day! Namaste.

    Phone: 289-975-8880

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